Buick Collection

This unique collection illustrates the development of one of America’s most respected marques during the years from 1934 to 1939 under the guidance of Company President Harlow Curtice and designer Harley Earl.

1934 Buick 60 Convertible Coupe
1939 Buick Century Convertible Phaeton
1938 Buick Limited Derham Town Car
1936 Buick Special Convertible Coupe Model 46-C
1938 Buick Limited Limousine Model 90-L
1934 Buick Series 90 5 Passenger Sedan Model 97
1934 Buick Series 60 4-door Convertible Phaeton Model 68-C
1936 Buick Special Sport Coupe M-46s
1938 Buick Special Sport Coupe M-46s
1934 Buick Club Sedan M-61
1959 Buick Century 4-door Sedan M-61
1937 Buick Special 2-Dr Plain Back Sedan M-44
1936 Buick Special Victoria Coupe M-48
1939 Buick Century 2-Dr Touring Sedan M-68
1939 Buick Century 2-Dr Touring Sedan M-68
1938 Buick Special Convertible Coupe M46-C
1938 Buick Special Convertible Phaeton M-40C
1936 Buick Special 4-door Sedan M-41
1937 Buick Special 2-door Coupe M-46
1939 Buick Century Convertible Coupe M-66C
1934 Buick Limo M-90L
1937 Buick Special Convertible M-46C
1934 Buick 4-door Phaeton M-98C (New Side Mounts)
1937 Buick Special “Plain Back” M-47
1937 Buick Special 4-door Phaeton M-40C
1938 Buick Series 41 Touring Sedan
1937 Buick Special 4-DR Touring Sedan
1934 Buick 96-S Coupe
1935 Buick 96-S Coupe

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