Community Service Vehicles

Professional cars in both ambulance and hearse variants have long been a presence on American roads. This collection illustrates the development of the genre from the Art Deco styles of the 1930s to the flamboyant fins of the 1960s.

1937 Superior-Pontiac Provident Ambulance
1954 Packard Patrician
1954 Weller-DeSoto Combination
1951 Henney-Packard – Navy Ambulance
1954 Henney-Packard 8-Passenger Limousine
1954 Weller-DeSoto Ambulance
1953 Henney-Packard Limousine Ambulance
1934 Miller-Buick Funeral Coach
1954 Henney-Packard Landaulet Funeral Coach
1960 Miller – Meteor Cadillac ‘Guardian’ Ambulance
1960 Miller – Meteor Cadillac “Guardian” Ambulance
1938 Flxible – Buick Sterling Ambulance (Friendship Fire Co)
1938 Flxible – Buick Sterling (World’s Fair) Ambulance
1934 Miller – La Salle Art Carved Funeral Coach
1934 Miller – Buick Art Model Funeral Coach
1937 Superior-Pontiac Lawndale Funeral Coach

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