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Hi there. For this week’s blog we bring you some news that we are rather proud to share with you.

For the last year or so you may have heard us say that we are working on some secret projects. One of these projects is now out in the wild so we would like to present to you The Vatican Cars Collection.

Nearly 2 years ago we approached the Vatican Museums as we knew that they had some rather interesting cars in their collection, more commonly know as Pope Mobiles. Like the Bat Mobile but with less gadgets.
Conversations happened, permissions given, deals signed and we have so far built a collection of 6 models – MV 01 through MV 06.

As well as being on sale in the museum shop these models have been given the rather prestigious honour of being displayed in the museum itself, something that the Vatican has not granted to any other company in the past. Our models sit in some truly wonderful display cases right in the heart of the vehicle section.

We are incredibly excited to have our models given such a visible showcase in one of the worlds most famous buildings.



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